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Häme-Wiki in English

Kohteesta Häme-Wiki
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Häme-Wiki - Web service designed by the inhabitants of Häme Region

Häme-Wiki is a regional, open and communal web site that demonstrates Häme Region. It was published in August 2009. In Häme-Wiki, there are information and stories from the past and the present. The subjects of the articles include people, buildings, art, nature, history, etc. In addition to texts, there are also pictures, maps and different kinds of mediafiles in Häme-Wiki.

Häme-Wiki contains regional information in a form that is easy to find. The articles in Häme-Wiki have been linked to each other and the rest of the web according to wiki-principles.

Häme-Wiki is open to all writers. Anyone can write new articles, edit writings and add pictures and other files to Häme-Wiki. The people of Häme can write their memoirs to Häme-Wiki. Associations and communities can demonstrate their operation in that service, too. Users together are responsible for the contents of Häme-Wiki. There are instructions on Häme-Wiki pages for wiki-writing. The user interface is based on Mediawiki, which has been modified so that it is easy to use. District libraries have arranged teaching in wiki-writing and saving pictures.

Häme-Wiki has been created in the project Library Spaces and Concepts in the Information Society which is financed by European Social Fund (2008-2011). The technical realization is by Opiferum in Hämeenlinna. Hämeenlinna city library is responsible for the maintenance of Häme-Wiki. More information can be obtained from leading informatician Jaana Käki, jaana.kaki@hameenlinna.fi.